Finally, we have made it!

A few weeks ago, our Spring School took place for the first time in Germany, at the Gelsenkirchen location.

Due to Corona, Spring School could not take place in the last two years, so it was even nicer to unite all the Gipees now.

We enjoyed the two weeks very much and, besides the great trips, were, of course, also productive together and were able to present the current project to the client.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The arrival

All the Gipees had a long journey ahead of them to arrive from Peru, Indonesia, and Namibia. Thankfully, all of them reached their destination unharmed and Covid-free and were received by the guides as well as the German Gipees.

The helping hands

We received support from some students at Westphalian University to make our guests‘ stay as pleasant as possible.

Our guides not only looked after the well-being of all the Gipees, but also accompanied them on the trips and showed them a part of our beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia.

Start your day right

Every morning, all the Gipees had breakfast together. This was certainly quite exciting for some, as breakfast is different in every culture and in every country. We hope that the German breakfast managed to do well.

Meet the teams

After breakfast, we got down to work. The individual streams got together and worked on the project. This was particularly exciting, as everyone had only known each other from various online meetings.

Our Gipees were able to learn a lot from each other and exchange ideas, which was even more valuable for everyone involved after the past Corona requirements.

The beautiful side of life

Of course, there was more than just hard work. Fun was not neglected either. If you travel so long, you want to get as many impressions of a foreign country as possible. So our Gipees went to Kaiserswerth and Düsseldorf, among other places.

They also visited the Westphalian University in Bocholt.

Some of them also went to the Cathedral City of Cologne on their days off.

We hope that everyone had a good time and that we will see each other again soon!