This year, Colegio San Juan Apostol has instructed us.

Covid has once again shown us how important it is to be able to work and learn from any location. But a lot of schools were not prepared for the situation.

Therefore, the Colegio San Juan Apostol has decided to change this. Not only because of Covid but also to make it possible for children who live further away from the school to learn.

Also, parents who are very busy at work should have the opportunity to receive essential data and information about their children without having to go to the Colegio.

This year’s project aims to create a website that will improve communication and organization for students, teachers, and children during the school day.

Also this year, students from different countries, as well as courses of study, are working together on the project.

The Colegio San Juan Apostol is located in the city of Arequipa, Peru.

Target user

Our goal is to create a holistic application for students, parents, and teachers. It should be possible for parents to view important information about their children without having to be physically present in the school. In addition, children should also be able to access learning materials online. Moreover, they should be brought closer to their culture in a playful way. Teachers should also benefit from this and, among other things, be able to view timetables and communicate with parents.

What this application should offer

Academic Portal

Web Site (English/spanish/German/Quechua)

Mobile App



Teachers Schedule

Communication system for teachers, parents

Students grades

General Information from School


incoming events

Lectures‘ Schedule for students

schedule system for parents-staff meeting. (Sometimes parents want to meet with some teachers at the school)

Health Care

Measurement of Physical Development

Weight measurement

High measurement

Pattern Recognition for deviations in

health parameters

Preservation of cultural heritage

Traditional Children Games

Traditional Dances

Cultural Expressions

Analysis of traditional games towards leadership


The Teams

The entire GIPE-Team was assigned to different streams so that everyone could make the most of their expertise in different areas. During the entire project, our students were supported by experts and guides.

Virtual Teaching


Creating detailed use cases

Providing content

Selection of a suitable external tool

Developing the application

Team Members:

Javier Ymanol Mamani Ramos, Aaron Misash Apaza Coaquira, Nicholas Exel Anvito, Sabrina Rempas, Isaac Makosa, Michael Anuoluwa Apata, Takunda Goden Hwaire, Susanne Daniela Werking

Experts and Guides:

Heike Winschiers-Theophilus

Stream Lead:

Pierina Pacheco, Santi Kusuma

Cultural Heritage






Team Members:

Anas Karazon, Apta Pranaya, Dara Lucia Vargas Mallea, Fiorella Figueroa Saire, Janina Gleißenberger, Kaulyaalalwa Ndewendelao Nafyovanhu Tunombili Peter, Manja Janet Masule, Pamela Rocío Medina Díaz, Petitliph Lukebanu Kavenambutako, Prisilla Hawina Pranata, Rolando Martin Ortega Padilla, Vaakura Muhuka

Experts and Guides:

Yerik Singgalen, Agnes Harnadi

Stream Lead:

Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Sofía Estremadoyro

Personal Data Infosystem


Academic performance

Health data

Behaviour Observations

General Information from School

Lectures‘ Schedule for students

Schedule system for parents-staff meetings

Team Members:

Allison Areli Escobedo Pinto, Sefanya Mahealani, Yohanes Maria Jonathan Glenn Paskalis, Hage Angala, Keneth Amutenya Nekundi, Rakela Ndemuyemba Joseph, Joshua Bischof, Cathleen Rachel Sacheus

Stream Lead:

Efrain Zenteno, Attlee Gamundani

SW Backbone


PHP-Framework Laravel 9

Eloquent ORM

Jetstream Authentication (Fortify)

Tailwind CSS (optional)

Frontend Blade/Livewire

MariaDB Database

Team Members:

Andy Renato Arenas Delgado, Armando Panda Bunga, Clemens Nghiivali Nuunyango, Daniel Nienhaus, Edward Shamina Chimba, Goodwill Tubulay Khoa, Hubert Patrick Mouton, Rafael Isaac Cano Guitton, Rosa Tiara Galuh, Tareq Khouja

Stream Lead:

Thomas Müller

Network Infrastructure


Speed Tests

Team Members:

Daniel Sebastian Iberos Colque, Luis Huachaca Vargas, Christophorus Brian, Tinashe Caleb Kanengoni, Mweulwa Lonkoo Tjoola, Kezia Eudora Rodjana

Stream Lead:

Gonzalo Fernandez, Sandra Octaviani, Karel Octavianus Bachri


As in every project, this one also held challenges.

Probably the biggest challenge is the given infrastructure. Since the entire project is based on a mobile application, the infrastructure is extremely important. Solutions have to be found that can be implemented with the existing infrastructure.

In addition, there were also some other challenges to cope with.