Why a digital platform is so important

Puspanitas Challenges

Today, not all countries have the infrastructure and digital resources we know. Thus, the GIPE team were faced with completely new challenges.

Project activities

The GIPE Project team can consist of students from diverse fields: Computer Sciences, Information System, Business Administrations, Engineering and other relevant fields, so they can develop a joint project to help Puspanita to:

  • Develop business models for eco-education tourism.

  • Develop a digital platform for eco-education tourism that contains information, databases, transactions, ecosystem networks.

  • Develop creative offerings: virtual eco-tourism, online workshop on recycling, eco-education, organic plants, smart farming in family or community, etc.

  • Develop digital marketing strategies.



The entire GIPE-Team was assigned to different streams so that everyone could make the most of their expertise in different areas. During the entire project, our students were supported by experts and guides. Moreover the latest innovations such as IoT were used for implementation.

Involved Students

Business Model

  • Romina Lucia Carpio Berrios (UCSP)

  • Claudia Daniela Gonzales Escobar (UCSP)

  • Kezia AA Silitonga (AJCUI)

  • Vesa Latifi (WH)

  • Ülker Mansimzade (WH)

  • Rebecca Kapweya (NUST)

  • Joshua Potts (NUST)

  • Angeline Khoeses (NUST)


  • Chanttal Camila Flores Reymer (UCSP)

  • José Ignacio Tamayo Macedo (UCSP)

  • Maria Stephanie (AJCUI)

  • Jessica Ruth Vania (AJCUI)

  • Jule Petruck (WH)

Educational Games

  • Alonso Gonzalo Valdivia Quispe (UCSP)

  • Iwan Donal Paska Manurung (AJCUI)

  • Sarah Grugiel (WH)

  • Edwin Mateo Gonzales Navarrete (UCSP)

  • Stefanie Garises (NUST)

  • Thomas Martin (NUST)

Smart Farming

  • Stephany Miluska Guillen Mejia (UCSP)

  • Michael Heinrich (AJCUI)

  • Sebastian Pascalis (AJCUI)

  • Yosua Kurniawan (WH)

  • Tim Vahlbrock (WH)

  • Hage Angala (NUST)

  • Jackson Nanghala (NUST)


  • Dany Mauro Diaz Espino (UCSP)

  • Benedictus Octavius (AJCUI)

  • Billy Timporok (AJCUI)

  • Edda Winterstein (WH)

  • Soong Zhen Yap (WH)

  • Isaac Lucio (NUST)

Experts & Guides

Business Model

  • Margaretha Margawati

  • Ronald Sukwadi (AJCUI)

  • Yerik Singgalen (AJCUI)

  • Eko Widodo (AJCUI)

  • Verena Jürgens (WH)

  • Franco de la Gala (UCSP)

  • Walter Chavez (UCSP)

  • Jean-Louis Gelot (UCSP)


  • Margaretha Margawati

  • Sofía Estremadoyro (UCSP)

  • Pristiana Widyastuti (AJCUI)

  • Manfred Meyer (WH)

Educational Games

  • Magdalena Elizabeth

  • Kurnia Setiawan

  • Simon Muchinenyika (NUST)

  • Katja Becker (WH)

  • Raquel Patiño (UCSP)

Smart Farming

  • Sr. Edelberte CB

  • Nova Eka Budiyanta (AJCUI)

  • Ferry Rippun Gideon Manalu (AJCUI)

  • Efrain Mayhua (UCSP)

  • Attlee Gamundani (NUST)


  • Fransisca Zita

  • Wisnu Wirawan

  • Colin Stanley (NUST)

  • Thomas Müller (WH)

What Our Scholars Say

Hi everyone! I’m Kezia from the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. Today I’m going to tell you about my experience on GIPE for around 3-4 months.

This project has 5 streams: Business Model, Marketing, Website, Smart Farming, and Educational Games. I’m from the Business Model stream, which my team and I need to make a new business model canvas based on the business analyses for our client. Of course, there are many obstacles, such as the language barrier and time difference. It all happened because all the scholars came from 4 different countries with all different mother tongues and time zones, but it is okay. That is the challenge, but it makes it more fun.

On the other hand, I found new and amazing friends that became my new family. We share many things, such as culture, favourite things, games, and many more. Also, every scholar and mentor exchanged their knowledge from their studies. This going to be useful for my future.

This is one of the amazing things I ever experience, and I love it!

Kezia Silitonga from Indonesia , Stream Business Model and Strategy

Hello everyone. I’m Maria from the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. On this occasion, allow me to share a brief, yet memorable, journey with the project called GIPE.

This project is a mixture of collaboration between universities in four countries Germany, Indonesia, Peru and Namibia, focusing on providing a breakthrough regarding the business model, digital marketing and branding, smart farming, education games and a website. In sharp: Improving the business and technology system of the client.

The GIPE project might be done for this year, but that doesn’t prevent us, the scholars, from building a solid connection, our relationship and exchanging knowledge within

This unique experience let us overcome any problems in the middle of the progress pushing us to give the best that we can and made a beautiful and forever lasting memory in our mind.

And to summarize this experience, I can only say it was an extraordinary journey and I fall in love with this project.

Maria Stephanie Supandi from Indonesia, Stream Marketing

Hello everyone! I am Claudia Gonzales, a student from the “Universidad Católica San Pablo” in Arequipa, Perú. I was part of the Business model stream hence I have helped to create a business model canvas for Puspanita, our client. During that process, I faced many challenges regarding language, the actual work in the project and of course schedules. Nevertheless, every effort has its prize, and in this case, it was the final result for Puspanita.

Throughout all this project I did not only learn more about my office as a business administrator, I did not only tested my skills, but I also learnt how to work and get along with people from around the world and I’m happy to say that I found out that we have more things in common than differences.

GIPE was a great experience for me and it has fulfilled my expectations. I’m proud to have worked on this project.

´´´´´´Claudia Daniela Gonzales Escobar from Peru, Stream Business Model and Strategy

I had big expectations for the GIPE project, and they were fulfilled. I met incredible people, some of them way more experienced than me, and got to work on a real-life project. We had excellent guides who helped us along the way by providing helpful insights. Throughout these months, we formed bonds and expanded our professional network. It was a challenge to work on an educational game, from the conception to the development of the first level. A project like this needs people with different skillsets: videogame writers, designers, developers and more. We were assigned in subteams, but we could always help in any of the aspects of the game. I learned a lot. I even had to learn a whole new game engine, but it was not that hard because my guides and peers helped me get used to it quickly. We didn’t need to be experts to achieve great things. I think that, besides the new friendships, all of us got at least some new knowledge. It was wonderful working on an authentic videogame project that will help teach kids about actions for a better, sustainable world.

Edwin Mateo Gonzales Navarrete from Peru, Stream Educational Games

My GIPE 2021 experience was unforgettable. Besides the fact that I had the chance to work and communicate with students from all over the world, we had a wonderful relationship with our client, ESC Puspanita.

It was amazing to have an intercultural exchange of ideas and perspectives, and it really allowed me to become more open-minded and learn about the world around me.

I would highly suggest any student who has the chance to partake in this incredible project to do so!

Angeline Salinde Khoeseb from Namibia, Stream Business Model and Strategy

I was honoured to be chosen for this programme and I really did not have a clue about what we were required to do.

I have utterly enjoyed this experience and I had the opportunity to work with fellow students from other countries in Indonesia, Peru and Germany, share different ideas, knowledge and expertise despite our different cultures. The most exciting part is that although we all were strangers to one another, we got to know each other very well and grew to get along very well, I surely made lasting friendships.

GIPE allowed me to identify which characteristics I was stronger at such as communication, teamwork etc and identify areas that I had to work on myself.  Other than placing minds and ideas together, as Margaretha mentioned, we were able to create something from nothing.

I am thankful that I was able to take part in such an amazing opportunity, being part of an amazing team and meeting admirable people.

Rebecca Kapweya from Namibia, Stream Business Model and Strategy

It was an amazing project that allowed me to meet new students from around the world and interact and share our intellectual skills.

It helped me strengthen my teamwork skills as well as afforded many of us the opportunity to make new friends along the way. It was definitely an eye-opener for me having friends from completely different backgrounds that we’re able to work well together and develop an outstanding business model for our client Puspanita.

Joshua Potts from Namibia, Stream Business Model and Strategy